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    True Health: Nutrition 101

    Let your health pursuits change from rules or restrictions to nourishment and balance – because achieving the body of your dreams won’t ensure happiness unless you appreciate what you’ve got right…

  • pink-monogram-leather-tote-fashion

    True Health: Body Image

    Body image is a huge topic of importance. We want to combat the following patterns of thinking associated with self-doubt and critique to recognize and combat our automatic thoughts with truth…

  • Avocado Toast Recipe

    Avocado Toast Recipe

    More leafy greens, less dessert! Everything in moderation. I am a firm believer in not depriving myself. If you want something, obviously, you eat that cake. But everyday staples can be made healthier (and prettier)…

  • How-To-Fight-Cold-Not-Get-Sick-Fight-Flu

    How To NOT Get Sick!

    Tis the season for the sniffles… NOT SO FAST, bacteria! Whether my ENTIRE office comes down with an upper respiratory infection, or a client has the flu, I try to not let my…

  • easy-simple-homemade-granola-paleo-gluten-free-vegan.jpg1

    Dietician’s Simple Granola Recipes

    Stacie Hassing, our resident Dietician, is giving us simple granola recipes with the perfect crunch, the right amount of sweetness and lightly infused with exquisite spices. The dried fruit and toasted nuts add such a great…

  • 5 Reasons to Stop Counting Calories

    5 Reasons to Stop Counting Calories

    Stop the madness: 5 reasons you should stop counting calories (and what to do instead). As Registered Dietitian Nutritionists educated in the era of low-fat, high-carb diets we’ve done our share of…

  • Devotional Faith Health

    True Beauty | How God Sees You

    God has already told us what true beauty is… But this world gets loud and accomplishes the enemy’s goal of distracting us, making us believe that the world’s definition of beautiful…

  • Infused Detox Water

    Infused Detox Water 101

    Infused water is amazing, a beautiful aid in detoxing toxins from your body. Our body needs water, that much is obvious but besides replenishing our body in addition to aiding our cells and…

  • Breakfast In Bed
    Health Home Decor

    Breakfast In Bed

    Is there really any better way to enjoy an easy Saturday morning than by breakfast in bed? When you live for the weekends, sometimes the only thing you really want to…

  • Chicken and Waffles Recipe

    Homemade Chicken & Waffles!

    I’ve always wondered what the appeal is with chicken and waffles. But then I considered… It’s basically a fried chicken sandwich with the ultimate bun! After having this spectacular dish at…

  • Rosé Sangria Recipe

    Rose Sangria Recipe

    Rosé is fresh, fruity and bright taste, pairs perfectly with any summer entrée. To switch things up a bit, I decided to mix in a little fruit and create a Summer…

  • Donuts & Daisies Poolside breakfast Graham & Co.

    Donuts & Daisies

    Poolside breakfast never looked so perfect… We love the idea of sprinkling flowers in lieu of sprinkles on a sunny Georgia summer day.…

  • homemade-animal-crackers-frosting-diy-recipe

    Animal Cracker Recipe

    Animal Crackers Recipe with Frosting Dip Yaaaaaas, it’s true… You can make your own tasty, delicious animal crackers!!! Here’s how, you pretty thing… Prep: 20 min Inactive: 2 hours Bake: 10 min…