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House Party: Guide to Florals

Floral decor is my absolute FAV! Since I’m lazy & not about to cry over my dying plants that I tried to keep alive for months and failed (not that I’m speaking from experience… cough), I’m a firm believer in faux flowers done right.

Sadly, faux flowers are done wrong wayyy too often. Faux flowers are supposed to look real and give people a punk’d feeling when they have to touch them to see they’re fake… That’s the goal… I take care of them (as needed, because again, – I’m lazy) and they look real because here’s why:

I paid more for them. Faux flowers should be handmade, constructed of a certain type of silk & therefore, on the pricey side. BUT do you know how much time & money that’ll save you in the long run? If you want flowers in your life & you don’t love fooling around cutting, watering, etc… Faux flowers, baby!

I’ve linked my fav brands for awesome-quality faux flowers – so take a tour through these dreamy rooms that’ll show you how much a gorgeous bouquet can really do! Enjoy!

Tulips are my FAV faux pop of color! With faux, they’re always in season!!

Use long stemmed peonies for one of the following – a big fav of ours for these reasons….

Something we LOVE is placing short-stemmed florals in mint julep cups… SO ELEGANT!

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