Men’s Gift Guide: Christmas 2017

  1. Bluetooth Speaker: Because music.
  2. Patagonia: This is a super popular pullover with the fellas
  3. Wool Camping Socks: Because men always get socks for Christmas. These wool ones are great – also, they’re made to wear with L.L.Bean boots!
  4. Shinola Watch: Shinola makes amazing watches, they’re perfect for both everyday and outdoor adventures!
  5. Comb: A nice comb is something your man will hold onto.
  6. American Flag Needlepoint Belt: Because ‘Merica
  7. Yeti Cooler: Tailgating, parties, travelling, the Yeti cooler keeps ice overnight!
  8. Pajama Bottoms: Guys love pajama bottoms, the gals love these monogrammed ones ON them!
  9. House Loafers: Hanging around the house, getting firewood from the yard, or just making breakfast – never looked so classy.  
  10. Wallet: This monogrammed wallet actually is really spacious. It’s the perfect amount of cash/card room!


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