Oh So Lovingly Wedding: Bridal Shower 101

When you’re newly engaged, there are SOOO many questions. Planning a shower shouldn’t be a worry, so hopefully your girls throw you exactly the kind of party that you want! We wanted an intimate soirée so we only invited our bridal party, close friends and family – and it was actually more people than we expected! Here are a few tips to make your party perfect!

  1. Food: Mini, mini, mini! Little bowls of fruit + spoons, mini croissant chicken salad sandwiches, mini cupcakes (garnish them with flowers, bc ADORABLE), mini desserts – keep it finger-food based. If you do have cake, cut little pieces and put them in plastic martini glasses & garnish with a rose pedal – SUPER cute!
  2. HOST: If someone wants to host it, LET THEM! Ideally, they’ve got a big open living room & kitchen for better flow.
  3. Presents: Opening presents is always super fun! Assign someone ahead of time to write down who got what for your thank you notes later (give them a pen & pencil beforehand, too). This seems trivial, but I’m sorry, we wish we did this – if there are kids there, make sure that you have marked what family members sit up front and center. You don’t want toddlers taking up the couch while the grandparents/in-laws are way over in the corner. You’d be surprised at what some moms let their kids do…
  4. Games: Honestly, we had so much fun talking, catching up, listening to Michael Buble, taking pics & opening presents that we didn’t have time for games! We wanted to do the toilet paper wedding dress game though…
  5. Goodie Bags: Our goodie bags were mason jars filled with homemade lavender bath salts & tied with a ribbon! It was cheap, too… Get a bag of Epsom salt, lavendar & peppermint oil, mix one big batch at a time in a bowl & voila!

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