Oh So Lovingly Wedding: First Look

We wanted to do a first look because honestly, the whole day was a whirlwind. Even our actual wedding at the church. The first look was SUCH a sweet time for us, time stopped, Zack cried and he wouldn’t have wanted to do that in public hahaha! We had SO much fun doing it, while the bridesmaids watched through the windows, we wouldn’t have gotten all of these photos if we didn’t make time for it! That said, if you’re at ALL superstitious, might not be the best option for you haha!Tip: Make sure all the important people (family/parents) know it’s happening. Our day was so busy, that my sister, mom, mother-in-law and aunt missed it because they were all so busy and they were REALLLY bummed. Assign your bridesmaids to each member of the family you want to go round up to watch this moment!
We wouldn’t have done it any other way…

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