Oh So Lovingly Wedding: Reception Tips

Twirling into your new life should start with a bang! Here are a few of our reception tips to make it almost as special as you.

The two things you spend money on for your wedding are the DJ and the photographer. Hands. Down. The DJ/Emcee brings the party & keeps it moving right along and the photographer will give you the memories forever. This is where the party lives or dies… No pressure. Ask for references & book WAYYY ahead of time, these people fill up. It’s totally a personal preference – going with a DJ or going with a band. If you do go with a band, just make sure they can be versatile so you don’t get bored by the same voice (this is why bands that have a male + female singer are more fun).

Make Multiple Playlists:List the specific songs for the mother-daughter dance, bridal party entrance song, and other usuals…

  • “Don’t Play” list – We banned every overplayed & annoying song that many DJ’s default to. Looking @ you, “Happy” by Pharrell
  • “Do Play” list – My fiance LOVES Michael Jackson & I am picky with music – personalize it all you want because it’s YOUR party!
  • “Dinner” Playlist – We had light jazz for the dinner. Because my sister knows music, she hand picked each jazz song!
  • Bridal Party Introductions: Show off your squad with a really great song – preferably one with a bangin’ ending so by time you come in, there are goose bumps!
  • Mother/Son & Daddy-Daughter Dances: Nothing too emotional, but let your parents pick.
  • FIRST DANCE! Again, nothing too emotional… Stick to happy vibes!
  • Cake Music & Bouquet tossing music:

Put the bridal bouquet on the sweetheart table, instant arrangement at no extra cost! I LOVE our guest book – it’s landscape sized, pressed velvet, and people signed with these feather pens we found on Etsy! Also, we had a Bible to the side where people could highlight their favorite verses.Yes, we had a fall wedding with a hot chocolate bar… Insider tip: breakfast for dinner is cheaper & people LOOOOVE it!
And yes, the Auburn mascot is coming out of my wedding cake. #CompromiseZack’s grooms cake was the hit of the night. EVERYONE was taking selfies with the tree! It’s a #WarEagle thing… ~XOXO

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