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Identity for many women is derived from physical appearance because we have been culturally trained to believe our value is simply superficial – how we look, what we wear, etc. But the unrealistic and unsustainable standard of beauty/health that the world promotes is not God’s.
In our consumer-driven society, we forget the difference between “want” and “need,” running to the latest trends and products. Often, we treat our bodies in a similar manner. We see it as another product we would like to change, mold, or exchange.
We do all we can to alter our appearance in order to feel better about ourselves or have some kind of ‘leg up’ on the rest of the world. The results of this thinking are yo-yo diet plans, resentment toward others and strict regimens, but this lifestyle is short-lived because all we really need is balance.
how to love your body health healthy
The food and advertising/marketing industries work together, only (and blindly) driven by their earnings and bottom line that they cloud our perception with the latest fad or advertising efforts, making it even harder to know what our bodies truly need.
For example, think of walking through the grocery store… On aisle 4, you’re surrounded by boxes of processed foods (packed with white sugars, starches and salts that are designed to be addictive and slowly poison our bodies – with elements our bodies can’t process) – resulting in a toxic environment for your body making it vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. Then in aisle 5, you see magazines plastered with images of perfectly-sculpted bodies, actors and models who (most likely) starve themselves and make a living off of their appearance (which honestly must be a sad life).
So let the world place all the labels they want based on outward apperance, with little to no emphasis on the whole person. That’s not the shallow and deadly perspective I want to take. Will you join us in pursuing balance and loving how God has made you? Begin to change your perspective on what makes a healthy, beautiful body and how to nourish it from the inside out.

Let’s Break it Down…how to love your body health healthy

Our digestive system makes up 80% of our immune system, it has enormous power to control how we feel – energized or lethargic, clean or toxic, soothed or inflamed, healthy or sick… The act of digesting food takes the most energy out of all of our internal functions – AKA – it’s our most important internal function. If your digestive system is filled with processed foods and sugars, it will build up toxins in the lining of the colon, leak into your body and cause inflammation, disease, sickness, and even cancer. Instead of living to eat, eat to live knowing that organic produce and whole food powers our cells, turns into new tissue, and stabilizes our energy, hormones, and overall health, so we need to make it easier on our systems by not giving it junk (dairy, meats, processed & fake foods) to handle.
This is the perspective we all need on how our body should function; not how our pants fit or what size dress we are!

#StrongIsSexyhow to love your body health healthy

We get so caught up in the image of ourselves that we do not give credit to the Maker that has not only formed you perfectly, but intricately placed organs, tissues, and bones together to keep you thriving! True Health is all about giving you tools to combat body image distortions and harmful judgement with 3 simple truths:
  • The Bible {What God says about you. Our true identity.}
  • Knowledge of how food is our medicine
  • Balance


The Lord put beautiful fruits and vegetables on the earth for us, He designed the body to heal itself! The key is to incorporate 80% natural, pure foods with 20% of what we truly want so we never feel deprived. Savor your food and enjoy life powered by food, not food that powers life.
When you feed your body well, your body begins to crave those things that can actually heal it! The first time I had a juice, it tasted like dirt and bitter grass… But now I crave it… NO JOKE!!!!!
Let us educate and empower you to see the healing properties of food, choose balance and wellness as a lifestyle!
~Collaboration of wisdom by Heather Graham with Sara Joy Karr of Nourish Nutritional Cleanses

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    Elle Spann
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    this is such a great post! it’s important to remember where our beauty comes from:)
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    March 7, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    this is such an amazing post and I totally loved it! i agree with what you have written 🙂

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