Why Dependence is Freedom

Let every paradigm you’ve created & by which you live your life crumble & prepare to fully surrender.

Before you think to yourself, “I’ve tried to fully surrender my life to God before… Didn’t go well…”


Surrendering to God isn’t this one time-magical thing in which you change & stop choosing your own selfish way… True surrender carries on & happens every day, every hour and every breath. Surrender is a lot less daunting when you take it step by step.

Do these statements sound like you?

  • “I’m forging my own path”
  • “I’m making a name for myself”

Those things aren’t what we are here for!

Why Dependence is Freedom
We are here to model complete & utter dependence on God – just as Jesus modeled while on Earth.
We will never mature into being independent, but we will thrive when we are fully dependent on Jesus.

In all things, pray without ceasing. If there’s a gorg sunrise, whisper thank you Jesus! In a random moment of thankfulness – say praise you Jesus. If you need him in the smallest of moments – say lord come!

It’s these “little” prayers that will help equate to true magic – total dependence & constant communication with the King of Kings! Each step is His.
Seek to truly know Him & seek Him fiercely. Let Him love on you! Here’s a prayer of surrender I say to myself every morning to help get you started.

“Lord thank you that you are the God over all creation – I gladly give myself to you today.

Holy Spirit, breathe new life into me – just like this new sunrise. Be the most important thing to me. Be my guide where I can’t see. Be my audience of one. Be my joy, my peace and my love.

I pray that you would bless me indeed & prompt my heart to pray without ceasing.”


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